Printable Inclement

This one is going to be a VISUAL post, for the most part. For years I’ve lamented over the fact that I can “see” a place that I can’t share directly with people.  I write my books, yes, and I show and tell about Inclement, but there is so much about it that is quaint, beautiful, and mysterious, and frankly, books take months if not years to come to fruition.  However, I think this idea of paper toys that show Inclement in a tactile, interactive manner might just bridge the gap for me.  

I’ve managed to illustrate Inclement and some of its characters in jpeg files below the photos shown here (scroll down), ready for downloading and printing. Right-click on each sheet and download  and save it.  Share them with others.  Share them with teachers, with parents, with kids.  Simple black and white line drawings are perfect for coloring, easy to handle and a great toy for imaginary play. Cut them out, fold them so they stand up, and recreate stories from Inclement or make up new stories. Use some blank card stock and create more characters, places and things of your own to further your stories. This first set of printables will be joined by other Inclement paper creations to help children and adults exercise their imaginations and spur their creativity. Zack, Walt, and Flash are here as well as that crazy cat Soda Pop, but they will soon be joined by Paxton, Carp, Grampa, Sylvia McBye and other locals.  There will be Lake Inclement, the beach, the Boardwalk, Poe’s Pizza, the Cumulus Theatre, the Rocket Roller Rink, and other places I haven’t yet introduced.   More characters, locations, and general FUN STUFF will be coming.  As always, free for educators, for parents, for kids of all ages. Please print out on heavy cardstock for best results. Paper toys are perfect for little hands–if they get beaten up, make another! Paper toys rock!
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