Soda Pop’s 31 Days of Halloween 2015 Edition

Soda wreath large

Soda Pop here! The spooky black cat from Inclement, IA is back with another 31 Days of Halloween (yes, we’ve started a day late. Apologies. There will be TWO posts full of scary fun today). As the authority on all things Halloween, for the next month I will be bringing you crafts, activities, costume ideas, and maybe even a recipe or two, all themed according to the best Holiday (for black cats, anyway) around! Where I come from, Halloween is not a one-day affair. We celebrate all month long! So get your crayons, scissors, and broomsticks ready, welcome to Soda Pop’s 31 Days of Halloween 2015!

The coloring page---right click, save, and print!

The coloring page—right click, save, and print!

Our first item on the agenda today is a coloring page. What could be a better way to kick things off than with a picture of Yours Truly Playing in the autumn leaves? The color change is one of this cat’s favorite parts of Fall, and I can’t wait to get out there this year and jump into the huge pile my humans worked so very hard to rake up for me! Feel free to download this page and color, paint, or cut to your heart’s desire.

Our projects...we stuck them onto some cardboard for stability...

Our projects…we stuck them onto some cardboard for stability…

Maybe even go the extra mile and go out to find real leaves that you can glue on to your Autumn masterpiece! This one, I must admit, was my assistant-human’s idea. They do come up with good ones every now and then…

I will be back this evening (because that is how long it will take to get another post up. Computers were NOT built with cats in mind, let me tell you) with another Halloween activity. As always, feel free to check out the books about my little town, Inclement, especially the ones starring moi. Enjoy this magical month full of ghost, goblins, and Jack-O-Lantern smiles!

Soda Rolling in Leaves--From "I HATE HALLOWEEN"

Soda Rolling in Leaves–From “I HATE HALLOWEEN”

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