Zombie Lovin’

Ah Halloween. In this feline’s opinion, the finest time of the entire year. Time for candy corn, spooky thrills, monsters (that most of the time turn out to be children, but I don’t really notice the difference), and… romance?




Zombies are huge celebrators of Halloween, though they may enjoy Valentine’s day even more. Though they are technically undead, it makes the most romantic day of the year no less special. Here to tell us about it is Tracy Lovett, an author/photographer/illustrator AND my mom. She churned out this short, poetic story last Valentine’s Day, because zombies need love too. She’s allowed me to post all of the pages here, in celebration of our 31 Days of Halloween! Give it a read, and enjoy the festive, creepy, romantic zombie love-fest.




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Happy Halloween the Fourth! You’ll be hearing from me tomorrow! – Soda Pop