Double Trouble Coloring Pages

Cheers, everyone! Soda Pop here! Today, on the 6th day of Halloween, I’m bringing you two new holiday coloring pages. Please feel free to send us your finished works! We love hearing from you!

Our first page, entitled “Soda and Yorick,” features moi and a certain friend of mine. He’s a quiet one, but makes for an excellent listener as well as grim Halloween decor. He resides atop my human’s piano all year round, but I think he looks rather fetching against these pumpkins.



I don’t look too bad either, if I do say so myself.

Our next coloring project is a visage of a common friend of us black cats. This witch looks quite ready to take to the skies on a moonlit flight. With her warts, crooked teeth, and bats in her hair, she’s all the more ready for Halloween.


bat-haired witch


Go ahead and post your renditions of our festive coloring pages. They’re in desperate need of, well, color. We’d love to see your work! – Soda Pop