Cat Wreathes, Cutouts, and Potato Stamps

Evening, all! My profound apologies for not being around the last few days. Cat lives are busier than you might believe – especially for black cats during their favorite month. Therefore, as compensation I present you with three different spooky activities in one night. Let’s get started!

First of all, we have a lovely print out for you to use to create your very own (insert drum roll here) …… CAT WREATHE!!!



Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it so incredibly Halloween-like and spooky? My human says it’s unnerving, but she doesn’t understand this sort of thing. You all think it’s wonderful, right?

Here’s the print-out for you!

Soda wreath large


After all, nothing could be more in the Halloween spirit than dozens of pictures of moi, your favorite Halloween cat!

Next on the list are great patterns for Halloween cutouts!

13oct_4950 copy


Stick ’em on your windows, on your walls, or any place that strikes your fancy! It’s a wonderful activity for kids, parents, and teachers of all ages! Print these patterns off and give it a whirl!






Last but not least, we have potato stamps! This is a really great activity for the little ones! Just be sure to set down newspaper first!







Parental supervision is definitely required here, folks, but kids will have a great time, and it’s a wonderful activity for the classroom! Enjoy! See you tomorrow! – Soda Pop