Puppets, Coloring Pages, and More!

Evening, everyone! Soda Pop here! We’ve got four days worth of wonderful Halloween activities here! Let’s get started!

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To start off, we’ve got a new witch to color today. She’s got spiders all over, spooky warts, and spells that will knock your socks off (I should know, being an expert on witches and all.) The only thing she’s missing is a little color. That’s were you folks come in. Give this lovely lady some spark!



Next up, we have kitty cat puppets! They do look awfully handsome if I do say so myself! For this project, you’ll need felt, scissors, and some colorful paint!

Here’s a pattern to start you off!


They’re incredibly fun and easy to make!









And, as I mentioned before, incredibly handsome!



Next up, we have a spooky Halloween word search. I am a huge fan of word searches, crosswords, and puzzles, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. I’ll post the answers for you tomorrow!

Soda (1)


Last but not least, we’ve got Black Cat Masks for everyone! A pattern ready to print is below!

Save it and print it!

Save it and print it!


You’ll need scissors, glitter, paint, buttons, ribbons, or anything else you’d like to use to decorate your masks!

Glue is awesome.

Glue is awesome.


Set up with some newspaper under your work station, and have at it!

These masks make me wanna be a showgirl...

These masks make me wanna be a showgirl…


I must put one of these on the cat....

I must put one of these on the cat….


Alright folks, enjoy your night and happy 13th Day of Halloween! We’re almost halfway through, folks! Good night!

A black cat dressed as a...black cat.

A black cat dressed as a…black cat.