Cat Sugar Skulls

What a day its been! Halloween movies galore! Nothing better to get in the right spirit!

Today, we start off with Sugar Skulls. CAT sugar skulls to be exact.

I’ve always been fascinated with the traditions of other cultures, especially where Halloween is concerned. Mexico’s Day of the Dead is no exception.


Here is a template for you all to follow. Go absolutely nuts with markers, crayons, paint, or anything else you can think to use to create your colorful masterpiece!


This is what my assistant-human came up with when I asked her to give you all some inspiration. Not as well as I would do had I been blessed with thumbs, but over all, not bad at all. There is talk of creating a mask and making me wear it, which will absolutely NOT be happening. The cowboy, skeleton, and fairy princess was enough, thank you. For more information on THAT particular instance of humiliation at my humans’ hands, check out “I Hate Halloween” on Amazon or right here at

Have a ball, go crazy, and send us your results! -Soda Pop