Candle Holders and Greeting Cards

Evening all! Today, I’ll be showing you how to make candle holders out of mason jars, tissue paper, and black construction paper!

You’ll also want a hot glue gun and exacto-knife for this!


We started by making a sketch of our design according to the size of our mason jar (the size of the jar doesn’t matter, as long as your image will fit). We then transferred it to black paper, and began cutting it out with the exacto-knife.


Other details revealed themselves along the way…


Once we had everything cut out, we glued our tissue paper to the back (preferably white, but any color will do just fine) of our black paper with a glue stick. Hot glue guns work just as well.


We then retrieved our mason jar, and wrapped everything tightly around it, making sure everything fit (you may want to shorten your paper to make lighting the candle easier. All that matters is that the jar is covered).

Once you’ve got it all around the jar just how you like it, you can go ahead and glue it in place.


This is how it should look all glued together.

Now, all you have left to do is put your candle in and light it. My advice is to turn the mason jar horizontal to light the candle.

This should be your end result:


They really do make a great spooky decoration!



Enjoy, everyone!



Now, we’ll be moving on to personalized Halloween greeting cards, because anyone who sends greeting cards without this beautiful face on it cannot properly enjoy Halloween!



Or, perhaps, you’d enjoy some spoooooooky Jack-O-Lanterns!


With me sneaking in there for good measure, of course.

Or…..OR…. wait for it….


BAM! A mixture of the two! A Kitty-Kat-Jack-O-Lantern! Halloween is HERE, baby!

Well, that’s all for now. Be back soon with more Halloween chills and thrills! Soda Pop out!