We’ve got a great treats here for you all today! This is Soda Pop, your resident spooky black cat with all the Halloween crafts and activities you could ask for!

Why no start off the day with some fun with autumn leaves?


For this project, good for any Saturday or Sunday spent with the little ones (or for some fall fun in the classroom), you’ll need wax paper, some glitter or sequins, wax (any variety wiill do. My advice is to go cheap), a small crock pot or other device to keep your wax hot and melted, and, of course, lots of beautiful fall leaves!

Go out on a leaf hunt! I’ve discovered with my humans, that finding these colorful treasures is half the fun! Besides, humans do need their daily dose of exercise. Taking the adorable child-humans on a walk will help keep them calm for what’s coming up next.

Little crock pot....

Little crock pot….

Once all the spoils are collected, take your leaves home and heat your wax up in your little crock pot. Once it is all inspected, go through your leaves. Pick out only the most vibrant colored, and any leaf too crispy or old is to be avoided. Now, you’re ready to dip in wax!


This wax will keep your leaves beautiful for several weeks, good enough for decoration, making creative pieces of art, or anything else you can come up with! My mom is a photographer, and she uses these leaves as props for babies, or as hair accessories for seniors and little girls.

Once you’ve dipped your leaf in wax, place it on the wax paper you’ve set out. Then quickly, before it dries, begin the REAL fun.





Now, this is not necessarily a requirement. Keep some natural looking leaves too. This will, however, be a hit with any little ones you happen to be working with. In this feline’s opinion, well worth the mess.

Lastly, decorate, use them to embellish crayon masterpieces, or create fun pictures of kids in the leaves. Whatever you do, go wild!

Until next time, Happy Halloween, folks! – Soda Pop