Today we’ll be doing two different types of rubbings. For your first one, you’ll need:

– Crayons

– White (or colored, but I prefer white) paper

– Autumn leaves from right outside your front door

– Glue


Once you have all of these things gathered, you may begin. It’s fairly straight forward. I’ll be you’ve done it before.




Very simply indeed. Just place your gathered leaves under your paper, and color over it. Don’t draw too hard, or your leaf will turn out very muddy and undefined.



Instead of just slapping our drawings on the fridge, we took it one step further…

Cut 'em out...

Cut ’em out…

We cut out our leaves, glued them to black paper, and even wrote haikus to go with our masterpieces.




Two more haikus...

Two more haikus…

I love a "creative mess"!

I love a “creative mess”!

Finally, we felt ready to display them!

Your next rubbing is going to be a bit different. Exchange your white paper for black paper, and your crayons for chalk or chalk pastels!

We’ve posted templates for your to follow here:


Ievil pumpkin

Save me to your computer!

Save me to your computer!

Download me!

Download me!

sad pumpkin


Go ahead and download these babies, cut them out, and then you can proceed with your colorful creations!

Start slow but HAVE FUN!

Start slow but HAVE FUN!

Place your cut-out on top of the black paper you have at the ready, and use your chalk pastels to make a rubbing all away the outside of the white paper!

Getting into it a little bit...

Getting into it a little bit…


Getting some color in there...

Getting some color in there…

And rub…

I think I'm having FUN!

I think I’m having FUN!

And rub!


Soon you’ll have gorgeous silhouettes to display anywhere you like. This kids will love the chalky, creative mess they get to make, and they will LOVE the results of their hard work.

Lots of shapes to try...

Lots of shapes to try…

You can use your patterns as often and as long as you like.


One small tip for your finished pieces: Take them outside and spray them will cheap (definitely don’t buy the expensive stuff for this) hairspray. It’ll help all the chalk stick to the paper, and protect against smudging.

Until next time, Happy Halloween from your friendly resident black cat! – Soda Pop