31 Days of Halloween–Project 7

Wow! This post will conclude my first week of ideas, crafts, and art all themed for Halloween! Of course, as I’ve said before, this is to celebrate not only Halloween, my favorite holiday, but to also celebrate my first Halloween book, “I HATE HALLOWEEN”, which can be purchased here. It’s a very funny book, and features my cat, Soda Pop on every page.

So, this is part two of our ART TRADING CARD project. For those of you who missed it, ART TRADING CARDS, or ATCs, are tiny pieces of art, 3.5×2.5 inches, created specifically with the goal of swapping with other artists, just like sports trading cards. You are actually sharing something much more important though–a bit of your own creativity and imagination. Read the previous blog post here to learn more.

Today, I’m going to show you a display/trading area where I keep my family’s ATCs and encourage visitors to make their own. It’s simple-simple. Here’s a pic of the back of our piano, where I have it on display.

Now, the frame is simply a frame I had around the house. Use whatever size you have, the larger the better because you can show more cards. There are many tutorials for creating the ribbon “bulletin board” inside the frame, but I will go into mine briefly here. I didn’t go out and buy ANYTHING for this. I found a sheet of nice, heavy corrugated cardboard and cut it to size with a utility knife. This part is NOT for kids.

Then, I grabbed a scrap of fabric big enough to wrap around the cardboard on all sides and hot glued it down to the back of the board. THEN, I grabbed some ribbon and started wrapping lengths of it across the front of the board at various angles, wrapping it around to the back of the board and tacking it down with hot glue.

Now, if you measure, you can make a very ordered, pretty pattern with your ribbon. I did not measure, I eyeballed. And then I gave up the pattern idea and just put ribbon across it in interesting ways. After THAT, I tacked down the ribbon with plain silver tacks wherever it intersected with another ribbon, or wherever it felt loose.

I flipped the board over and tacked the ribbon and fabric down firmly on the back as well. Then, I popped it all in the frame, secured it, and I was done!

Displaying cards is very simple–just wedge them under the ribbons on the board. And put a sign on top explaining the rules, such as “You may take ANY card you like for your very own, but you must replace it with a card of your own creation!”

I also have a basket of supplies—blank ATCs, markers, pencils, crayons, glue stick, tiny collage pieces.


If you feel ATCs from scratch are too hard, also include fun sheets of stickers and tiny objects that can be glued on to the cards. Don’t forget, on the back the artist needs to put the title of the piece, the medium, their name, and the date.

Bring a LITTLE art into your life! Change the culture of your home one tiny card at a time!  take pictures of your own ATCs and post them on Bug Summer’s Facebook page here! Have a great day, and do something creative with a child! !