31 Days of Halloween–Day 10

Complete Tracy Lovett – I Hate Halloween Interview

The Local Record program, hosted by Jenny Burkhiser of the Family Radio Network, had the privilege to interview our own Mayor Tracy about Fostering Pumpkins, Black Cats & Creativity: I Hate Halloween by Tracy Lovett for airing on Shenandoah radio station KYFR, 920 AM on October 27, 2012.

Sometimes less is more. And today, that is my philosophy. So far, we have had lots of projects and ideas presented in this October venture. Today, everyone—including me—has a moment to catch their breath, and perhaps catch up a bit.
Recently, I did an interview for a radio station nearby, and they were happy to give me an mp3 file of the whole deal, so today, I’ve posted it on this blog–click the blue link above all these words!   Take a listen if you have a few minutes, do some drawing or writing with a kiddo (maybe one of the previous projects!) and see if a more creative lifestyle suits you. Later, Gator!

Please see my new children’s book, “I HATE HALLOWEEN”, which can be purchased here. It’s a very funny book, and features my cat, Soda Pop on every page.  Please find Bug Summer on Facebook here, and become a fan–post pictures of your own Halloween projects there as well!