A Break For Snow Angels–The Redux

Tomorrow, I’m back on the Soda Pop Valentine book, but today, I need to make a quick post about my new “old” book, Snow Angels.



Its a story I wrote several years ago–actually, it started out as a bit of verse I wrote for a Christmas card, along with a photograph I took of my kids making snow angels in the yard.


I went to the trouble of writing the verse, which happened in about 10 minutes–it literally wrote itself–and then designed and printed the cards, but for some reason, I never got them mailed out.  However, I always thought it would make a nice book.  Then, a couple years later, during a very snowy winter, I decided I would write and illustrate a complete book over the course of a month.  Snow Angels, Edition 1 was born.  It was 12 pages long, and the unique thing about it was that I did the WHOLE book from scratch.  That’s right–I didn’t have it printed.  I PRINTED IT.  From beginning to end.  I created “page pockets” and stuffed them full of photos of winter scenes and other little goodies.  I put them all together and made my entire family crazy.


That’s us….and we were CRAZIER than normal.

See, they were my labor.  We turned the entire kitchen into a book factory.  We trimmed, we spiral bound, we ordered pages and stuffed the pockets and packed them all.  And wow…the book was great, but WOW, IT WAS TEDIOUS.  My family would make maybe 30 books a day.  They loved the book, but hated making it.  And I knew, that even though it was a cute book with a lot going for it, I was never going to be able to mass-market it, because I simply couldn’t make enough of them and stay sane.

Sanity is important.

So, from the beginning, I knew I was going to have to rework this thing.  And I finally did.  Luckily, last winter, we had one really freaky snow in an otherwise snowless winter, and I took my boys out to one of my most favorite places in the world–Waubonsie State Park in Southwest Iowa.  The snow was one of those that stuck to every twig on every branch on every tree.  It clung thickly to everything.



It was magical, beautiful, like a crystal-encrusted wonderland.  And I took loads of photographs.  And it occurred to me….why not rework Snow Angels with some additional pages and some additional photos.  Then, I would outsource the printing and get it out there in a big way.

A year later, the project is done.  And it is different, yes.  There are no pockets, or stuff filling the pockets.  But, there ARE more pages, a more complete story, and visuals that will knock your socks off.  And I’m going to post many of the things that were in the page pockets of the old version of the book online for free download, so that content isn’t lost.  But if you are one of the few that purchased a handmade Snow Angels book, well, you are the proud owner of a collector’s item.  And you can get it here, right now!

So, here is my advice when coming up with a “cool idea”…

1.  Make sure it won’t make you crazy-nuts to execute.

2. If it does make you crazy-nuts, you must charge more for it.  But realize, you may not sell ANY if you price it what it is actually worth.  In which case, see Rule #1.

3. If a project isn’t working the way you thought, don’t be afraid to rework it.  Change the format.  Add to it.  Make it more enjoyable.  Make it more sellable.

4.  Sometimes, it is okay if a project just remains a personal thing.  I have many book ideas and many stories that I have loved writing, but that, for one reason or another, just won’t work as a commercial, for-sale item.  That’s fine.  I still love those things.

5.  After you make your changes, execute it.  Get it out there while the project feels new, while you are still excited about it.  Then, promotion is easy AND fun.

So, here is the link where you can purchase my book Snow Angels.  It will be available on Amazon in this version soon.  And coming after that–a Kindle version.

Tomorrow–Soda’s Valentine.  Can’t wait!  Nearly finished!

Tracy Lovett is an artist, author, illustrator, photographer, wife, mom, and all around creative gal trying to spread the message that creativity is one of our most important qualities.  She uses her books, photographs, and writings to encourage others to just take the chance and be creative. This BLOG is about her creative journey into all her creative endeavors, including writing for children and adults, art and illustration, photography and photo-illustration, and book-building from beginning to end.  There may be other “sidetrips” that can’t be predicted–so hop in and enjoy the ride!  You may learn more about Tracy here.  You may follow her on Facebook here.