Snow Day

So, this is Winter Storm Q.  I am assuming it is named for the character from Star Trek, The Next Generation.  Whatever. There is NO SCHOOL TODAY.  So, I get time to work on “stuff” around here.  But here’s the deal.  There is also NO SNOW today.  At least, not yet. I laughed out loud when I read it on the local radio station that there was no school today.  It seems just a few years ago that they had school come hell or high water, and parents were complaining that they had to get out and pick up their kids in less than favorable conditions.  Which may be why they didn’t have school.  Regardless of reasoning, here is a shot from my front yard from 9:20 am.


And here are some of my FB posts from this morning–some of them more lyrical than others.

Wow, Sidney, no school? And not a flake in sight…Oh well, more blogging/writing/art/photography time for me today…or maybe not. 4 kids in the house instead of 2….

If this snow materializes, there is a very good chance the hubster will be sleeping in his office tonight. Must remember to pick up a bottle of wine or three before the snow flies…medicinal, you know…

I grew up the daughter of a teacher. I can remember snuggling in my bed, listening to the flakes tap-tapping against my window in the darkness of early morning. It’s true–if you listen hard enough, and if it’s quiet enough, you can hear the snow fall. And why was I up at 5am, listening so hard to the virtual nothingness in my house as the snow stacked up on the eaves outside? Teachers’ kids didn’t get the news of a snow day via the internet (there was none) or cell phone text (ditto) or radio or tv. Nope. I can remember the thrill in my heart when the phone would ring–a REAL ring, not some strange-assed ring TONE–before the sun came up, announcing the PERFECTION of a SNOW DAY! My mom would mumble into the phone, hang it up, and then move down the hall through the dimness to tap on the door and whisper through it what I already knew. And even though I had the whole of a glorious day ahead of me, the entire world and all the fun in it knitted up in a crystal-white blanket, I could NEVER go back to sleep again. I was up, elbows on the windowsill, my breath fogging up the glass, watching it all come down.

Talk about a “pregnant pause”…I don’t know if I felt this anxious waiting for the births of my kids! SNOW! There is NO school, so just DO IT! When I looked outside at 4am, nothing but the brown old world out there. Time to dress it up a bit, give it a little sparkle. And if it doesn’t? If that dry air just hangs tight? If we get a dusting and that is it ( and oh, there is a small, cynical part of me that does really think that might happen, just because of the weather-HYPE that is the forecast these days), there we will all be, bereft, with our brown winter-world, holding our collective breaths until Sunday-Sunday-SUNDAY…

And there are others.  Doesn’t really matter, except my day is noticeably freer to work on Soda’s Valentine and other creative projects I have going.  So, that’s what I’m doing–this SNOW DAY is now a CREATIVITY DAY!   Here is the list I made for my kids when they get bored–a THINGS TO DO list, that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen (which is, ironically, what I’m doing right now.)


My kids hate me…

I think I will post a lot today.  Maybe 5 blog posts?  Is that possible?  Of everything I do today that is creative.  This “snowpocalypse” could be the end, you know….and I want to go out with a creative BANG.  Keep your eyes out!

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