Sick Is Good

Spent the past 2 days sick-sick-sick…what did I learn? That I smell when I’m sick, and I must go shower today. That an extremely sore throat and losing my voice is really an awesome thing, because when I AM QUIET, THE REST OF THE HOUSE QUIETS DOWN. Apparently, I possess and exude a crazy sort of energy that brings the energy level of the whole house up, and when I am forced to whisper, or not even talk at all, everyone else is quieter. I like that. It’s like a weird Jedi trick. So, I need to talk less, and whisper when I DO talk. MAGIC.

When I am sick (and quiet), more ideas come to me. I got an idea of Free Skyping with schools….I think I may do that. Just reach out to schools and see if they want to Skype with me–we can talk about books, or art, or whatever. I mean, I can’t do it every day, all day, but maybe I could set it up once or twice a month, like a Skype day. Skype with each school for half an hour or so. See how many kids I can talk with.

I also had incredibly vivid dreams while I was feverish. I dreamed of fold-up school buses–just a weird, origami school bus thing that pops out and starts up and chugs around town. How enormously cool is that? Is there a book there? A song? How about a piece of art? Or, how about a mental image that makes me smile and that is it? Not everything is a cool book or a piece of art…and thank you, Universe, for THAT. I also dreamed the dog ate my bra, which doesn’t really correspond to anything except randomness and canine abdominal surgery.

I had a thought of doing art out in my yard this summer. Just set a time every day, go out under the trees, and do art–a big pastel piece. Or maybe a little mosaic piece. Or origami school buses, or whatever. Maybe people would hear about it and come see it. Maybe they would join me. Or maybe they wouldn’t. It might just be me out under the trees. But, in either case, it would be very very freeing and fun. Maybe I would leave the art piece out in the yard for whoever wants to take it. And if no one wanted it, maybe critters would shred it for their own nesting materials. I like that. My art turned into something that another living being SLEEPS in.

Today, I am sipping hot tea, and having a shower. I have a few “must-do’s” today, photography for customers, and an Inclement project that must be worked on. I will sleep some more, and when my voice comes back, I will be more judicious when I use it. Right now, out-loud just seems too…loud.

This random picture courtesy of my random brain during my random illness. I just like it. And it is quiet.



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