ANOTHER 31 Days of Halloween

31 daysLast year I started an ambitious project on the first day of October, called 31 Days of Halloween.  The goal was to write a blog each day during the month of October about some creative activity that could be shared with the children in your lives.  I think I quit after Day 17, or something like that.  The reason was that I received news that my Dad had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  After I got that phone call, I quit blogging.  There were other blogs after that time, all of different topics, but I left my Halloween Blogging project unfinished.

Now, Dad is doing pretty well.  Surprisingly well.  And of course, life just happens, you know.  I couldn’t have predicted it, and I found I couldn’t work through it in my blog.  However, it has been a year.  And, in the back of my mind, I have been considering doing my 31 Days of Halloween project again.  Apparently I don’t have enough on my plate or something like that.  Today, I’m feeling pretty sick–my joints hurt, my stomach is upset, I’m tired.  But I thought that maybe a little writing is the way to get through this day, which has already worn me out even though it is only 9 am.  I wandered over here to my WordPress login, not sure what I would say in my post, but just decided to wing it.

What to do today, that is creative, fun, and related to autumn, I ask myself.  What can I say to the folks who might chance upon this blog and love to do creative things with their kiddos, or grandkiddos, or student-kiddos?   The leaves are still on the trees here, but I can catch tinges of color on the edges.  The sumac is rosy red.  The weather here is….well, they say it’s warm, but I’m currently chilling a bit, so I can’t comment honestly.  Even Soda Pop is feeling under the weather right now–he seems to have a touch of something in his tummy, too.  A vet visit may be in order.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I am dog-tired and my stomach is either really hungry or really NOT hungry.

So, today, I’m going to do a little cop-out.  Not a big one, but a cop-out nonetheless.  All my blogs from last October are still here.  They are still good.  Here are photos from a few of them.

All different, and all beautiful....

All different, and all beautiful….




Check them out today.  Pick something out that you want to do by yourself or with a child and do it.  I have a list of things I want to blog about THIS October, but no energy to complete the projects today.  Writing projects, art projects, illustrating projects, writing your own stories…..And they are coming.

Right after I nap a bit…..

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