Sketches of Soda–Doodling Works

So, today is a simple blog–an easy one.  It is a VISUAL blog, something I want to do more often, because, as they say, a picture really IS worth a thousand words.  So, here we go.

Do you all remember my post on doodling, and how important it is for learning and generating ideas and improving art skills?  You can read it here if you need a refresher.  Today I’m posting a big page of Soda Doodles.  I will use them sprinkled throughout my book Soda’s Valentine as space-fillers and such.   And they are a bit more “finished” than most doodles are.  I first sketched them all out quickly, and then darkened the lines that I liked and cleaned them up a bit with the eraser.  But you can still see “rough spots”, and I like that–it goes with my idea of having all my actual illustrations in the book be quick and gestural, instead of “perfect”.  So, here is the pencil drawing as I did it last night. The paper size is used is 14″x17″ and I drew with a bright yellow Ticonderoga #2 pencil (my Precious!).

mar_1956 copy


Oh, took me about 20 minutes to get these down.  And feel free to download and print this for your own use–copy what I have done, trace it, color it–do whatever.  You can learn a lot from someone else’s art, and it isn’t really copying in the end.  It is all about learning and developing brain connections to create your own art one day.  I learned much of my drawing skills during the ages of 10-14 by purchasing comic books and copying the drawings inside.  So copy away!

And here it is, in a reverse–meaning all black is white, and all white is black.  I will probably use this version, or something very similar, in my page design.

mar_1956 copy2


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