Bug Summer–The Beginning

A new FREE book!

Okay, a quick thing here today, but a fun little project to do with your kids, or for your kids as little gifts—a children’s book!  It’s called Bug Summer–The Beginning, and it is available now by clicking here.  Please note, you can do it as a screen quality pdf OR as a printable that outputs on ONE 8.5×11 sheet of paper (cardstock preferred) to cut out and assemble.  There is also a video tutorial about building this book, which is fairly simply done, but hard to visualize with written directions.  Give it a try, have fun with your children, and have a great Bug Summer!

The music on the video was created by two mutual friends who have formed the band BETWIXT, to create amazing music for kids, that, incidentally, is very catchy for adults as well.  They are awesome.  They are in my book, Buck’s Rodeo.  They will have their own picture book soon, as well.

Tracy Lovett is a wife, mother, author/illustrator and photographer living in Southwest Iowa. She has written and illustrated 6 children’s books in the past 3 years, the last being a novel for ages 12 and up called Buck’s Rodeo, which is available in dead tree format as well as a Kindle book. She is working hard to get the picture books on the Kindle as well.   You may find her books on Amazon, and by clicking here.  You may follow her on Facebook and on Twitter, and even dig her up on Pinterest.