The Shape Of Things—31 Days Of Halloween


31 days

So, no Witch Of The Day, at least not yet.  I have a FULL schedule today, with homeschooling, editing, printing AND shooting on the list, so I am lucky to get this blog done!  ( I do have some things I’m imagining on, however–hopefully Witch Of The Day will get to join us soon!)  However, I have received a lot of attention for my Halloween Cut-Out shapes, and today I’m going to upload more.  But these are REALLY easy!

For Valentine’s Day, we all learn to cut out hearts by folding the construction paper and cutting HALF a heart on the fold.  Then you end up with a perfectly symmetrical shape, which is always the challenge when you want an even heart.  Halloween shapes–most of them anyway–work the SAME WAY.

For all activities you need construction paper of various colors, pencil, scissors, and I prefer a sharp craft knife for some of the “inside” cuts.  You will also need the Cut-Out Patterns posted here (right-click and download for free) or you will need to create your own patterns, which is easy enough. Little children can be shown how to cut the outside of the shapes with scissors, and then you can take over when it comes to craft knife cutting.

Pumpkins are particularly nice when created this way. They are pretty, and perfectly symmetrical.  So fold your construction paper, and cut out the shape of the half-pumpkin on the fold, INCLUDING half the mouth and half the nose

13oct_4904 copy

13oct_4908 copy13oct_4913 copy13oct_4915 copy13oct_4917 copy13oct_4927 copy

You may unfold at this point and be impressed at how cool your pumpkin looks.  THEN, refold and cut out the eye shape ONCE, pressing HARD with the craft knife and making sure you have an old magazine or a cutting mat underneath all of this to avoid damaging your table surface.  If you have a sharp knife and if you press hard enough, both eyes will pop right out with only the one cut.  Unfold and admire the majesty of a perfect Jack-O-Lantern!


13oct_4937 copy


13oct_4943 copy


Lather, rinse, repeat.  Repeat-repeat!  Have fun with it!  Make evil faces, funny faces, sad faces, sleepy faces!



Then try a ghost–same idea!  There are some bats here for you to cut as well!
. Cut on the fold! Easy-peasy!


How about a black cat!  Follow the pattern! Work on the fold! Cut him out!  Cut out his eyes with the craft knife, just like you did with the pumpkin, and trim off the extra tail–a little cat-surgery.  Again, simple!


Have fun with this, and remember that ANY symmetrical shape can be done this way–and some, like the cat, can be altered a bit after cutting because they aren’t exactly symmetrical, but close enough.

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