Bat-Haired Witch Coloring Page

31 days

Ah, so I haven’t been writing since last week, but OH have I generated some Halloween ideas!  I may not get 31 up, but I’m going to do better than last year!  More to come on that (maybe later today!).  For today, I have a fun Halloween printable that can be used as a coloring page or as a drawing guide for older kids.  I am a firm believer in kids learning to draw from the work of others, and line drawings are a wonderful place to start.

This one is a witch with a bat in her hair, hence the title.  The original drawing is below.  I love the colors and the style.  It feels like a bit of an etching.


So, I decided to turn it into a coloring page here, for download.  Please feel free to save it to your ‘puter and use it in class or whatever floats your broomstick!

bat-haired witch

I love witches.  Some days I feel I psychically channel them.  I’m sure my family would agree!  Have fun with this one!  MORE to come!

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