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Mayor Tracy Lovett - Author

Tracy Lovett - Mayor of Inclement IowaI am an author/illustrator/photographer living in a southwest Iowa town (what a coincidence!) and I am the lucky mom of four fabulously diverse, creative, and amazing children. My husband, Michael, is my partner and head cheerleader (although he looks mighty funny in those short skirts!). I also run a photography studio named Images By Tracy.

Thank you so much for reading these books (or any books!) to the little people in your life. You never know when a story or a drawing will touch a child--or and adult--and inspire them to their own creative pursuits. That is exactly what happened to me when I was little. Children's literature and art are intensely powerful. (read more about this)

All of the children in my books reside in te not-so-ordinary southwest Iowa town of Inclement. For those who have been to Iowa, and even for those who have not, Inclement is not like any Iowa town that we know, but I like to think that somewhere, there is a reality with Inclement and its inhabitants intact just as they appear in my stories. Every day I meet new folks that live there, and gain insites about the ones I have already met. These children tell me their stories, and leave it to me to pass them on, illustrated with my words and drawings.

They've appointed me Mayor of Inclement, and it is a title I hold in the highest esteem.
So, it appears it is my job to introduce everyone to this wondrous town in an Iowa landscape unlike any ever known. I take it very seriously, so much so that I have an Inclement Mayoral Hotline. You may reach me at 712/520-4772 to find out more about out little town. Or, you can find out more about us on the pages of this site - www.inclementiowa.com. Here you can find out what your favorite Inclement folks are up to, new books that are coming out, and just overall quirky, fun content.

Keep reading, keep drawing, keep imagining.


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