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Inclement is a fictional small town in Southwest, Iowa located on the shores of Lake Inclement.  All of my stories thus far happen in Inclement.  All of them are also told from the point of view of the children who live in this town.  As in real life (whatever that is) each child has a story.  And also, just like real children, the one thing all these kids absolutely need to do is to tell their stories.  So, each story is narrated in first person in the voice of the main character.  Some of the stories, like the Bug Summer series, are very basic, but still have the feel and rhythm of Zach’s speech.  Other tales, such as The Inclement Giants, are a little more advanced. 

The beauty of these stories is that while each one is complete, all are interconnected, just as the lives of children in any small town are interconnected.   Characters enter each other’s tales, either peripherally, or as one of the main characters depending upon the needs of the story being told.  Climbing TreesAlso, illustrations will feature uniquely “Inclement” stuff, like t-shirts, bumper stickers, and signage to really bring home the location connection between all these tales.  I think a map at the beginning or end of each book showing the exact location within Inclement where the story takes place would also be a great way to engage young readers.  Kids absolutely love maps. 

Riding BikesI have a list of stories I am working on for this series, and I am constantly coming up with new ideas for additional characters, books, and connections.  One thing you will notice—Inclement is a rather extraordinary place with extraordinary happenings.  And so far, the only ones aware of all this fabulous strangeness and wonder are the younger set.  I have always believed the lives of children to be much more interesting, amazing, and secret than we grown-ups can appreciate.   For me, this fictional location is turning into a separate world, with children that seem quite varied and rich.  And every day, if I listen, I can hear them telling me their stories.  So, I draw and I write and I see what happens!   

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