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Bug Summer - pg1

Bug Summer Books

Book 1 - Raining Ladybugs
Book 2 - Hunting Spiders
Book 3 - The Beginning

Created for young children, the Bug Summer series of books is made up of at least 15 separate tales, all about Zack Marshall and his dog Flash as they spend an entire summer discovering different creepy, crawly critters in their hometown, Inclement, Iowa. 

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Illustrated with vibrant, original art and amazing macro-photography, these books are all told in a catchy rhyme that is as delightful to read as the pages are to behold. 

Zack is just like any other boy, looking for adventure with his sidekick Flash, and in these stories, they find it all around them, lurking in spider webs, hiding in flowers, and creeping under rocks.  Each book is dedicated to a different creature, and each one tells us a little more about Zack, his life in Inclement, and the friends that show up to share in his buggy experiences.  Summertime FairyAnd what’s more, his friends also have stories to tell!  In Inclement, just as in all towns all over the world, the children each have their own unique tales, and they want to tell them to whoever will listen!  So, keep your ears and eyes out for more Bug Summer Books, as well as other Inclement Tales, and follow along with Zack, Flash, and their friends as they introduce us to Inclement, IOliver Matsudaowa and the amazing things that happen there!

CLICK HERE to read a note from Flash on how to have your own Bug Summer.


Inclement Indie Books

Inclement Indie books are a series of individually handmade books which are each a work of art on thier own. Assembled by author Tracy Lovett and her crew at Inclement Studios, they each have special features such as project pockets and crafts to inspire the children and family to learn and create together. Each book is also hand numbered.

Inclement Indie Books

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