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Bug Summer -
Raining Ladybugs
ISBN-10    0-9819736-0-4
ISBN-13    978-0-9819736-0-9

Richly illustrated with stunning art and breathtaking photography, Bug Summer—Raining Ladybugs is the first book in a series of fifteen tales about a boy named Zack Marshall and his faithful dog, Flash, who live in the picturesque southwest Iowa town of Inclement. 

Initially, we find them as many children find themselves during summer break—bored with the long hot days and the same old games.  But soon enough, Zack and Flash begin to really see the world around them and the tiny insects that dwell right alongside all of us, mostly unseen and unnoticed.   And Zack takes it upon himself to photograph these creatures, showing us all the amazing detail and colorful beauty of the insect realm.   

Bug Summer—Raining Ladybugs is told in Zack’s voice with a flowing rhyme great for children 3 and up, although those younger and older will no doubt be delighted with the story and the striking visual imagery of the 36 page book.  In the end, Zack and Flash reflect upon the day they have just experienced, all the ladybugs they have discovered and captured with their camera, and we are led into their next adventure, which will start the following morning, in the next book of the series.    What will they find next, you ask?  Well, here’s a hint:  lots of legs, lots of eyes, and lots of folks think they are very scary!  

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