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Once upon a summertime
Flash and I had done it all.
We lay back on the soft, green lawn.
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Inclement Iowa

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Bug Summer -
Hunting Spiders
ISBN-10     0-9819736-1-2
ISBN-13     978-0-9819736-1-6

Morning sun slants through the window, illuminating a sleeping Zack and a dozing Flash. Just yesterday, they had discovered the fascinating world of ladybugs, and what exactly would they discover today? A hint can be found dangling outside the windowpane….

Bug Summer—Hunting Spiders begins with a placid, restful moment in bed, and turns into a colorful look at the world of spiders dwelling in flower blooms. Illustrated in vibrant drawings and amazing macro photography, this story shows tiny spiders doing what they do best—hunting! And we get to meet Walt, one of Zack’s best friends. Walt does NOT share Zack’s enthusiasm for the eight-legged critters, however! But, as we all move through the garden and through this brilliant summer day in Inclement, Iowa, we gain an appreciation for these hairy but maybe not-so-scary little beasts. And, in the end, we all wonder what Zack, Flash, and their friends will capture with their camera tomorrow. Could it be ants, or dragonflies, or grasshoppers, or bees? We will just have to wait and see!

Bug Summer—Hunting Spiders is perfect for children ages 3 and up, and wonderful for adults who love art, photography, and nature! And if you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy of Bug Summer—Raining Ladybugs, where this adventure really begins!

Bug Summer—Hunting Spiders is available for purchase online or by one of the other methods mentioned on the 'Where to find them' page.

Purchase Online

You may purchase a copy of Bug Summer - Hunting Spiders for $11.99 + $2.00 s/h per copy by clicking on the button below. Iowa residents will also be charged a 7% state tax.

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