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Sylvia McBye Learns to FlySylvia McBye Learns to Fly

Sylvia McBye Learns to FlySylvia McBye Learns to Fly

Sylvia McBye Learns to FlySylvia McBye Learns to Fly

Sylvia McBye Learns To Fly
ISBN-10     0-9819736-4-9
ISBN-13     978-0-9819736-4-0

Sylvia McBye Learns To Fly is the delightful Inclement Tale of a little girl who longs to take to the air! Unfortunately, gravity has other plans. However, with a little creative problem solving, Sylvia constructs a pair of wings, and skips off to Deadman's Drop to give them a try. Though things don't turn out exactly the way she planned, Sylvia DOES learn to fly!

Written in rhyming poem form, this story is illustrated with colorful art throughout. The book ends with a "page pocket" containing arts and crafts for children and their families to complete together, including directions and supplies for making your own tiny kite that really will fly! This book is 8x10 in size, with a wire spiral binding and hard board covers for durability and style. We handmake these books in our Inclement Studios, so each one is a little piece of art! Wonderful keepsakes for your family to enjoy and treasure!

Sylvia McBye Learns To Fly is the second Inclement Indie book, 100% HANDCRAFTED in the Inclement Studios and individually numbered.

Sylvia McBye Learns To Fly is available for purchase online or by one of the other methods mentioned on the 'Where to find them' page.

Purchase Online

You may purchase a copy of Sylvia McBye Learns To Fly for $16.00 + $3.50 s/h per copy by clicking on the button below. Iowa residents will also be charged a 7% state tax.

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Due to the books being handmade in our Inclement Studios, only a small stock is kept. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.